3 Signs Your AC Unit Is On Its Last Leg

Hot weather is descending on us faster than an Olympic sprinter. The A/C unit is one of the most effective methods for keeping a building cool. The last thing you want is for the equipment to fail in the middle of a heat wave. Here are three signals it is time to replace the machine itself.

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1. Nothing Lasts Forever

The nature of using things means eventually they do wear out. If an A/C is over 15 years old, almost assuredly it is not efficient and needs to be replaced. This is especially true if you’re an avid or constant user of the equipment. In addition, if running it all hours doesn’t seem to help, then replacement time is upon you.

2. Environmental Issues

Sitting around and sweating profusely is never comfortable for anybody. However, hot rooms and humidity are more than unpleasant. Computers, laptops, and all sorts of electronic devices get damaged from moisture, in addition to overheating. If you are experiencing such issues, then exchanging your old AC for a new one is an immediate necessity.

3. AC Units Are Expensive, but Shouldn’t Leave You Broke

It is no secret that running this equipment (especially in hot weather) is never cheap. If your bill seems astronomically high compared to previous years, it is highly suggested to replace the unit. Repairs are costly, yet many often prefer this to the cost of getting a new unit; but should fixing your A/C become a recurring ordeal, then this evidence demonstrates the machine is no longer functioning properly.

Freon, known as R-22, is the refrigerant which enables most older air conditioners to cool your home. When low, the equipment will cease delivering cold air. If this problem arises regularly (usually due to a leak), then you will want to replace the unit; especially since the EPA is phasing out this chemical, causing prices to skyrocket. Refilling Freon constantly is, therefore, an untenable proposition.  

Experiencing three or more of the above problems? Then a new AC unit is now priority number one. Call us at (402) 554-1110 or  contact us today for more information on the services we provide, and for more helpful information continue reading our blog.