How Clean Is the Air In Your Home: 3 Reasons to Install an Air Cleaner

Indoor air quality is critical to keeping your family healthy and comfortable. You can reduce the amount of cold and virus contamination in your home, which can help lessen a number of health issues. Getzschman Heating & Cooling wants to help you keep your home a place you can breathe easy, literally. Here are three reasons to install an air cleaner in your Omaha area home today.

Indoor Air Pollution Can Be Worse than Outdoor

You would think that your home should be a safe haven from the air pollution outside, but it can actually be much worse. The EPA named indoor air pollution as one of the top five risks to public health because it’s filled with pollutants like pet dander, bacteria and pollen. They can cause health issues like asthma and other respiratory problems if left to grow inside your home and its air filtration system. Our Lennox Pure Air cleaner kills all of these contaminants with UVA-light. It’s the best air purifier on the market.

Air Cleaners Alleviate Allergies

Seasonal allergies can be tough to wrestle with, especially when the allergens aren’t being filtered out of your home. But other allergens could be lurking in your home too, like mildew and mold, which can be very hard to seek refuge from. Alleviate moderate allergies with a new air purifier that can kill allergens lurking around your home or new ones that are just being introduced before they can cause a problem. Related Read: Why you need to deep clean your home. Here are 3 reasons you need to clean your air ducts immediately.

Reduce Dust & Odors

Besides health issues, unpurified and dirty air can also aid in the accumulation of dust and odors throughout your home. As humans, we shed a million skin cells every day. Pet dander can also accumulate and cause unwanted odors to appear in your home. Air cleaners can help destroy these dust particles before they settle, which means less dusting for you. Air cleaners can also aid in getting rid of pet odors and other strange odors in your home. Call Getzschman Heating & Cooling today to discuss all of our indoor air quality solutions. Ask about our humidifiers, dehumidifiers, germicide lamps, and programmable thermostats, too!