Customer Questions About Air Conditioner & Furnace Installation

You want a new cooling system, how much will it cost? Can’t you just call and find out? Unfortunately, determining the price of your cooling system is not like buying something off the shelf at your grocery store. That’s why, at Getzschman Heating & Cooling, we do not give phone quotes. There are several very good reasons for this, and although it may be frustrating, it is to benefit you. We want to give you an exact price, not just a guess.

Why We Don’t Quote Prices for Air Conditioners or Furnaces Over the Phone
There are too many variables to be accurate. The main reason we don’t give price quotes over the phone is that if we did, it would most likely be the wrong price. There are just too many pieces of the puzzle that we don’t have. So, until we can look at your current system and ask you some questions, we are not able to give you an accurate price. Here are just a few of the variables we have to consider:
·         Every home is a different size and configuration
·         Units must be sized correctly for each home
·         Duct work differs greatly from home to home
·         There are hundreds of different combinations of units that we could install
·         We need to evaluate your current system and find out how it performed
·         We need to ask if you have problem areas in your home
If a heating and cooling company gives you a quote over the phone, expect it to be inaccurate. There’s no way they can know exactly what you need. We’d rather give you a quote that’s to the penny so you don’t end up frustrated later.
Free In-Home Estimates for Furnace and Air Conditioner Installation
Another question we hear often is “How much time should I set aside for our meeting?”
Typically an appointment lasts about 1.5 – 2 hours. It largely depends on how many questions you have for us. During the appointment we will check the health of your duct system and determine a system that is compatible for your home. We want to make sure we answer any and all of your questions so you are comfortable with your purchase.
At Getzschman Heating and Cooling, we want to find the perfect system for your home.
Give us a call and set up an appointment to find out how much your new system will cost.