Don’t Forget About Your Furnace Tune-Up this Fall

The first few days of falling leaves signal the beginning of a new season . . . furnace season that is. But before you have to rely on your furnace full time, make sure it’s ready to operate full throttle. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your Omaha area home’s furnace healthy. Here’s why you should call Getzschman Heating & Cooling this season to tuneup your furnace.

Your Furnace Blower Needs a Refresher

Think your furnace has been sitting dormant all summer? Think again. Your furnace blower is still running year round. It helps your air conditioner by blowing cool air into your house. This means it’s probably accumulated a lot of dirt, dust and other debris while it’s been busy keeping you comfortable all spring and summer. A furnace tune-up will refresh your furnace blower, and make sure it’s working at peak efficiency, as well as blowing clean, fresh air into your home this fall.

Avoid a Breakdown When You Really Need Your Furnace

While fall’s crisp air makes it perfect for you to open your windows and turn off your heating and cooling systems altogether, it’s definitely not the time to forget about scheduling regular maintenance for your furnace system. You may not need your furnace right now, but you will desperately need it come November and beyond. If you forgo a furnace tune-up now you could be tempting fate. A breakdown in the midst of winter is just horrible timing. A furnace tune-up now can keep you from shivering for a few days before you can get your furnace repaired.

Beat the Busy Season

A furnace tune-up this season is also ideal to beat the busy season for heating specialists. Right now the demand for furnace repairs is lower, hence we have more time to help you prepare for the colder weather. Once the cold air settles into the Midwest, business picks up and it’s more difficult to schedule service. Take advantage of convenient service hours and schedule now.

Call us today at (402) 721-6301 to get your furnace in shape for the cooler months with a furnace tune-up from Getzschman Heating & Cooling.