Facebook Contest Winner Chooses Duct Cleaning or Humidifier Installation

Getzschman Heating and Air Conditioning would like to congratulate Katie Anderson Owen for winning the Adorable Pet Contest! Katie submitted her photo and her friends helped vote her to the top. Thanks to all the contestants from all around the Omaha area and their adorable pets for entering and playing. We like to keep our Facebook page fun and exciting and it wouldn’t be possible without your participation. Katie won her choice of a duct cleaning or humidifier installation!

Our duct cleaning services will remove dust, dirt, pet hair, dander, dust mites and more from her air ducts making the air in her home cleaner and healthier. Since we spend 60-90% of our time indoors, that’s important. A cleaner system will also run more efficiently saving her money on utility bills. There will even be less dust to settle on her furniture.

A humidifier will put moisture back in the air in her home. Lack of moisture can cause nose bleeds, dry itchy skin, sore throats, cracked lips and more. It can even cause wood floors and furniture to dry and split. Installing a humidifier will also reduce that annoying static shock. No matter which one she chooses, she’ll be breathing easier at home!

If you need duct cleaning or a humidifier installed in your Omaha area home, give us a call and we’ll give you a free estimate. Congratulations again, Katie! Thanks for liking us, playing with us, and enjoying our Facebook page. Look for more fun contests in the future!