Furnace Troubleshooting – What to Do First

October is almost over and chilly weather is on the way. What do you do that first chilly morning when you go to turn on the heat but it’s not working? Before you call a heating and cooling technician, here are some furnace troubleshooting tips from the G-Force team that may solve your issue without having to pay for a service call.

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What to Do When the Furnace Won’t Turn On

Check the Thermostat

Look at the thermostat and make sure that it is set to “Heat.” After checking that it’s set to the right position, try setting the temperature at least 5 degrees warmer than the current room temperature. If you still don’t hear the fan turn on after a few minutes, bump your thermostat up to 90 degrees and listen for the fan to turn on again.

Check the Breaker Box

Is your furnace getting power? Check the circuit breaker box and make sure that the switch hasn’t tripped. Also, check that the furnace power switch is flipped to “on.” Look around your furnace for a regular wall switch. That switch must be switched to “on” in order to power your furnace. Another place to check is the blower motor switch. Look for a switch around the motor’s housing and try resetting it.

Check the Filter

A common troublemaker for furnaces is a dirty filter. Would you breathe easily with a dirty cloth over your nose and mouth? Most filters should be changed monthly, so double check that your filter isn’t covered in dirt or debris. Furnaces will not operate at maximum efficiency with dirty filters and some of today’s high-efficiency furnaces will shut down completely.

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Check the Airflow

Look around and check all of the registers and returns in your home to ensure that they are open and not blocked. A sofa pushed up against or sitting on top of a return vent restricts the airflow through the furnace and throughout your home. If you have ductwork that can be inspected, check for any disconnections or leaks, which also hinder the furnace’s performance.

Trouble – Furnace Is Blowing, but No Heat

Check the Condensate Drain
The condensate drain may be clogged or restricted. Algae can build up and stop the flow of water. Clean out or flush the drain blockage to troubleshoot this issue.

Trouble – Furnace Is Making an Unusual Noise

Call a Technician

Could be a belt, a fan motor, a broken or loose part. There are many possibilities. Whether it’s clanking, squealing, thumping, etc., your furnace should not make unusual noises. In this case, call Getzschman so a technician can properly diagnose the problem.

If you try all of these tips and still have trouble, contact us online or call us at (402) 235-6727 today and one of our G-Force technicians will have that furnace up and running in no time!