G-Force has You Covered: Hide Your Ugly Wall Vents

Do you have big wall vents in your Omaha home that are an eyesore? Well, don’t let ugly vents leave you hot and bothered. There are ways to fix the problem without dishing out loads of cash. We’ve rounded up a few thrifty ideas to disguise those wall vents.

Get Crafty & Cover Air Vents with Doormats

This may sound ridiculous, but you just have to buy the right doormat. You can get grated rubber doormats at almost any home improvement store or market. Since they are grated, air will still be able to flow through them and into your home without obstruction. The doormats costs between $10-$20 dollars. If you’re not a fan of the black, you can paint it to match the rest of your home. Then, just hang it on two nails right above the vent. The finished product looks like an antique vent cover, and looks nice enough to be

wall art! If you find dirty vents while you’re sprucing up your covers, check out Getzschman’s air duct cleaning services. The service reduces allergy and asthma symptoms and leaves you home with better air quality.

Fake Fancy Air Vents with Spray Paint

Don’t want to cover up your vents? Try spray-painting them instead! You can buy spray paint that looks like metal, such as gold, silver, bronze or even copper, to give it a more elegant look. The paint shouldn’t cost you more than $10. This works for almost any type of vent, too, whether it’s a floor or wall vent. Just make sure you remove the vent cover first and take them outside or in a garage before you spray-paint them. You don’t want those paint fumes in your home. Also make sure to lay the vent cover on some newspaper or plastic before painting, so you don’t get paint everywhere. Then, wait for the paint to dry before putting them back in the floor or wall so they don’t stick. This is also a great idea for old vents that might be chipping or rusting. It will bring them back to life, and save you some cash! While you’re updating your air vents, why not do a little spring-cleaning? Check out Getzschman’s Spring Cleaning Checklist!

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