Getzschman Participates in Omaha re-Energize Program

If your furnace and/or air conditioner are old and you’re thinking of replacing them, check out the Omaha-Lincoln reEnergize Program. The Federal Department of Energy created this program with a $10,000,000 grant. The purpose is to help residents make their homes more energy efficient. If you live within the city limits of Omaha or Lincoln, you are eligible to take advantage of this program. Here’s how it works. When you make your home more efficient, you get a rebate of $100 for every 1% of energy savings you create with improvements. Here are the basic requirements:
  1. Sign up with Getzschman and schedule in-home diagnostics with $400 up front
  2. Select which upgrades and incentive you want (15% energy reduction selection is the minimum)
  3. Decide on which bid(s) meet your needs
  4. Upon incentive approval, schedule and get the upgrades installed
  5. After installation, schedule upgrade test-out with an evaluator to ensure all work was completed correctly
  6. Enjoy lower utilities and a more comfortable and healthy home.
Here is an example to help you see the savings advantages: We find 30% savings for $4000 worth of upgrades.  $2000 (50% of total project costs) would be the incentive and $400 has already been paid.  You can get these $4000 worth of upgrades for an additional $1600 financed or out of pocket.

We are authorized reEnergize evaluators and we can help you save big on your next furnace or air conditioner installation among other energy improvements. Take advantage of these government incentives, lower your utility bills and save big on some major improvements. The request form page also has a link the Omaha reEnergize Program website where you can get even more detailed information.