How to Keep Your Bedroom Cooler at Night

As the air conditioning season is winding down, many homeowners choose to forgo the convenience of air conditioning to save money. While the air may not seem quite as hot and humid, it can still cause problems at night when you’re trying to get a little quality shuteye. It’s been proven that sleeping in a cooler room promotes deep, restorative REM sleep. Warmer rooms can cause sleepers to feel stuffy and toss and turn more. So, how can you keep your air conditioning off and still sleep well at night? Here are a few sure-fire ways to keep cooler and save money as summer in Omaha comes to an end this year.

Use Cotton Sheets

Forgo the fancy satin or silk sheets, and just say “no” to synthetic fabric sheets. Instead, opt for 100% cotton sheets. They are lighter weight, and more breathable.

Go For Loose

Don’t wear your spandex or gym clothes to bed. Choose loose fitting clothing to sleep in at night. Go for a light tank top or oversized t-shirt, and boxer shorts. Loose fitting clothing allows your body to breathe at night and doesn’t restrict your movements.

Unplug in the Evenings

Everything that uses electricity generates heat to some degree. From your computer, to your TV, to your bedside lamps. Unplug all of these things at night to decrease the amount of ambient heat.

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Don’t Cook with Heat at Night

To keep heat at a minimum, try to avoid using your oven or stovetop at night. It’s hard when you want a good home cooked meal, but try to use your microwave or outside grill instead. Ovens and stoves create a lot of heat that gets trapped in your home long after you’re done cooking. Why do you think people leave their oven doors open when they’re done cooking in the winter?

Avoid Running Washers or Dryers at Night

Other activities to avoid doing at night include running your dish or clothes washers and dryers. These also create heat that can warm up your home at night. Instead, run these in the morning before you leave for work.

Use Fans the Right Way

Start off by utilizing your ceiling fan. Make sure its settings are switched so the blades run counter-clockwise, which pulls hot air up and out. This can help keep the lower portion of your room cooler. If you have a box fan, point it out the window, which helps push hot air outside.
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