How to Reduce the Static Pressure in Your HVAC System – A Simple Change to Save You Money

When your Omaha, Nebraska home’s furnace isn’t working as well as it could, it’s costing you extra money to run it. Because of this, Getzschman Heating and Cooling recommends checking the health of your furnace. Every heating and air conditioning system has a rated blood pressure or static pressure. When a furnace exceeds the rated pressure, several things can happen—efficiency goes downhill, comfort diminishes, and wear and tear against your system increases. Luckily, you can take steps to correct the situation by decreasing the amount of pressure against the blower so that the system operates more efficiently and quieter. It will also last longer.

Is Your Furnace Using the Correct Filter?
The single biggest thing you, as the homeowner, can do is to have the right filter for your furnace. Consider a standard 1” wide filter that you see at the stores. If you put a pressure gauge on each side, you’ll see this filter causes a .28 pressure drop, which is over half of the furnace’s rated blood pressure. So now the total system blood pressure is .64 instead of .5, which is the factory recommended settings.

The Right Filter for Your Furnace Will Meet Factory Recommended Settings
But now consider a 4” wide filter. You would think that the bigger filter would cause a big blood pressure increase or a greater drop. But the filter pressure drop is .07 which is quite a bit below that of the 1” filter. The pressure dropped below where the rated pressure should be, which is fantastic. We should be at .5 per factory settings, but thanks to the filter, we’re at .46. This is great!

Changing Your Furnace Filters with Getzschman Heating Brings You Benefits
By having Getzschman change your airflow-restricted filter into a more airflow friendly filter, you’ll realize the following benefits: increased efficiency, better comfort, longer life of your system and increased capacity. When the system is working better and you’re extending its life, you’re saving yourself money.
If you’d like to schedule an appointment so you can maximize your system, call Getzschman today at 402-235-6727. It’s a quick and easy adjustment to make room for the wider filter. We’d be happy to assist you.