How to Set Your Programmable Thermostat for Omaha’s Spring Weather

Programmable thermostats are wonderful tools! Not only do they increase your home’s indoor air quality, but they help you save money and energy by automatically changing your home’s temperature to meet your needs. The experts at Getzschman Heating and Cooling recommend using one of these for your home.

Establishing the Right Balance for Your Programmable Thermostat
When you’re not at home, you can keep your Omaha area home a bit warmer (or cooler). Just before you’re set to get home from work or the kids get off the bus, the temperature automatically returns to more comfortable levels. Getting the balance right in the spring can be tricky. With warm days and cool nights, it takes a little tinkering to get the settings just right.
The Two Main Types of Programmable Thermostats
There are two main types of programmable thermostats for homes. 5/2 units allow you to have one weekday setting and another for weekends, while 7-day programmables allow you to have a unique setting for each day of the week. Below, we’ve provided samples for thermostat schedules for both weekends and weekdays. If you have unique needs, such as always getting home late after book club on Thursdays or you get up early to run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, make sure you take that into account with your settings.
Getzschman’s Weekday Spring Thermostat Schedule
6:00 AM 70 degrees. This way, you’ll be comfortable and warm when you step out of bed in the morning.
8:00 AM Decrease temperature to 65 degrees. Since no one’s home while you’re at work, save a few dollars on your heating bill by letting the house stay a bit chillier. And don’t worry about pets—with their thick fur, they’re comfortable at much cooler temperatures.
5:00 PM Increase temperature to 70 degrees. Once you get home from work, the house will be cozy and comfortable once more.
11:00 PM Decrease temperature to 67 degrees. While you don’t want to go as chilly as you do during the day, there’s no need to keep the house so warm when you’re curled up under blankets. Besides, research shows people sleep better when it’s cool.
Programmable Thermostat Suggestions for the Weeks
Then the whole cycle starts again with a warm-up back to 70 to start your day. But when it comes to weekends, you might have a completely different schedule. Maybe you’ll be home all day, so it needs to stay a constant 70 degrees. Maybe you wake up later, so you can keep the home a little cooler longer. Whatever your needs, your programmable thermostat can keep you comfortable while saving money.
For more information on how to set your thermostat or to install one of these handy units, contact Getzschman Heating and Cooling at 402-235-6727. We will help you look through your options and find the thermostat and the settings schedule that’s right for you.