Keep Your Wallet Fatter, Get an A/C Tune-Up

When thinking about getting an air conditioner tune-up, many people imagine money disappearing from their wallet. But in reality it could save you a lot of money. Yes, there is the initial cost for service, but it can pay off big time. We take our cars in for tune-ups, but sometimes we don’t think to schedule the same care for the heating and cooling systems in our homes. Here are just a few examples of how it could save you money in the short, and long run.

Efficiency + Less Energy = Big Savings

During the hot Omaha summers, your air conditioner runs non-stop to keep you and your family comfortable, and it’s using a lot of energy to do so. Without regular maintenance though, your system will slow down and suck even more energy to get the job done.  It’s simple math, that the more energy your system is using, the more money it’s going to cost you. This is why your air conditioner needs a regular tune-up. It will keep your system working more efficiently, saving you a lot of money. If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, and want to save money on your energy bills, check out our blog on new high efficiency systems.

Prevent Breakdowns & Big Expenses

Annual tune-ups can also protect you from some even bigger problems. Every year your air conditioner goes without a tune-up, it can lose up to 5% efficiency. Eventually your air conditioner will be working so hard it will burn itself out, and you’ll have to buy yourself a new one, and that’s quite a big investment. Regular maintenance will keep your system working efficiently, and an efficient system will last longer. The longer your system stays healthy, the more money you’ll save.

A regular tune-up can also increase the likelihood that your certified air conditioning technician will catch a small problem before it mounts into a bigger one. A little problem, like a small refrigerant leak, could easily snowball into a huge setback if it’s not caught in time. What could have been repaired for around $75 dollars could turn into a costly bill of $1,000 or more for a new compressor. Besides saving you money, certified technicians can also save you the hassle of being without air conditioning this summer when you really need it. Become a member of our G-Force Membership Program and save even more on regular maintenance.

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