Old Air Conditioner Got You Worried About Replacement Costs?

At Getzschman, we know a new air conditioner can be an unexpected expense, but something that most homeowners really can’t live without. That’s why we offer easy financing. Not only can you get a new air conditioner with no money down, we also offer easy low monthly payments. We know you want fast easy approval and no annual fee as well, so that’s exactly what we provide.

Give us a call and we’ll walk you through your options. Our financing is provided by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank, a subsidiary of Wells Fargo Financial. Wells Fargo Financial is an affiliate of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. So stop worrying about how you will afford a new air conditioner. Let the G-Force team go to work for you. You’ll be comfortable in your home and with your payments! If you want the numbers before you make a decision, we’ll be happy to help you figure that out before you make any decisions. Call us today toll free at 800-657-2158 and be cool this summer!