How to: Temperature Zoning for a More Comfortable Home

Does your home feel uncomfortable, but your air conditioner isn’t in need of repair? If you experience hot and cool spots in your Omaha area home but have a functioning and efficient air conditioning and heating system you might just need to make a few adjustments and improvements to your existing system. Whether you live in Bellevue, Fremont or Council Bluffs, Getzschman can help you keep your home more comfortable with temperature zoning.

A service we offer, called temperature zoning, can help solve some of your issues. This service is great for homes with more than one level, large rooms, or high ceilings. By separating your home into different zones your HVAC system will be able to operate on less power, since it will only be adjusting temperature in certain areas of your home. This will also end up saving you money on heating and cooling bills. Here’s what you need to know about temperature zoning.

Zone Your Home Into Specific Heating & Cooling Areas

When you decide to use temperature zoning in your home, a G-Force technician will come to your home and help you plan out the zones. Each zone will be a general area that you would like to be a similar temperature, and each zone will get its own thermostat. Zones are usually separated by floor and by areas that are used the most and the least.

Position Your Dampers

Dampers are a great way to maximize the efficiency of temperature zoning. By closing or opening these dampers in the different zones of your home, you can drastically change the airflow. In the summer, we suggest opening the dampers on the upper floors of your home to allow cool air to circulate. Basements stay cool since heat rises, so you can probably close some of your dampers there. Technicians may need to install new ductwork or dampers to make temperature zoning more efficient for your home.

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