Vacation Checklist for Your Omaha Area Home

Have you ever noticed how many things need to be done before you leave town for a vacation? As you’re making arrangements for your pets and notifying the post office and newspaper to hold delivery, don’t forget to get your Omaha area home ready for vacation, too. Follow these simple steps from Getzschman Heating & Cooling to keep your house safe and in great shape while you’re off having fun!

Make Your Omaha Area Home Look Occupied 

o   If you’ll only be gone a few days, leave a light on. For longer trips, invest in a timer to turn lights on and off at appropriate times.
o   Ask a friend or neighbor to drop in and look around every few days. It’s a good idea for other people to see a car in the driveway, just so they know someone’s checking in.
o   Make arrangements to have your lawn mowed. Not only will it make the home look occupied, it is really nice to come home to one less chore.
o   Unplug your electric garage door opener. It’s easy to crack the code and why give potential thieves one more easy way to get in? As you’re leaving, be sure to do one last swing through the house checking all those doors and windows, just in case. You’ll be able to enjoy your vacation so much more knowing your house is safe.

Save Energy & Money While You’re On Vacation

o   Shut your blinds to keep out the warm summer sun. This is actually a good idea even when you are home. Keeping the blinds closed can keep your home cooler, which means your air conditioner needs to run less often.
o   The experts at Getzschman recommend adjusting your thermostat to a higher temperature, but don’t turn it off. Circulating the fan will keep the humidity down and make sure you don’t return to a stale-smelling home. Taking time the time change your furnace filter before you leave will improve airflow as well and help keep your home less dusty while you’re gone.
o   Lower the temperature on your water heater. It won’t cycle as often, but you won’t have cold showers on your first night home either. Just make a note to turn it back up when you return!
o   Unplug nonessential appliances such as your computer or TV so there is no risk of damage due to energy surges during a big storm. And while we’re on the subject of storms, be sure to test your sump pump before you leave. Coming home to a flooded basement is just no fun. If you’re gone more than a few days, you may want to shut off the water to your washer to prevent flooding.

As you head out the door, taking a few extra minutes for these last-minute tips will keep your home secure while you are gone and comfortable when you return. For more tips for your home, give Getzschman Heating & Cooling a call today!