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AC Repair in Omaha

When you install a new air conditioner in your home, you are making a significant investment that, like all investments, needs to be safeguarded. We strongly advise scheduling annual maintenance on your cooling system.

Call Getzschman Heating for your air conditioning maintenance, replacement, and repair needs. We provide the expert service you need to be confident that your house will be adequately cooled each summer.

Maintenance for Air Conditioners

ACs should be serviced at least once a year to ensure it’s working right and any repairs can be tackled before summer starts. We offer annual maintenance plans and can ensure your cooling system is working well year-round.

Every component of your air conditioner, including the condenser, coils, air handler, ductwork, and thermostats, will be inspected by one of our technicians during our maintenance visits. The technician will fix electrical associations, check the condensate channel, clean the curls and channels, grease up and test the blower fan engine and its parts, and test the whole system’s activity before it is used for the summer. Your system will be ready for the summer heat thanks to our visit.

Cooling Repair

While the expectation is that you won’t ever have to have your cooling system fixed, intermittent issues can manifest, and when they do, you need professional help. Our air conditioning technicians can come to your house almost any day of the week for a scheduled repair inspection and are available around the clock for emergency service.

Indications that your forced air system may no longer function properly include reduced cooling capacity, uneven cooling throughout the house, noticeable noises such as grinding or banging from the unit, or increased electricity costs associated with running the system.

Call us immediately to schedule an appointment with a technician and get your system back in working order today.

Save Money with AC Maintenance

AC maintenance saves money. No one wants to spend money on emergency AC repair or any other HVAC service. You’d prefer to spend your well-earned cash on excursions or new furnishings. That is the reason planning customary AC maintenance is so significant. The cost of major AC unit repairs or installation pales compared to the small amount of money spent twice a year on maintenance services.

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Have us install a new G Force system and you can take a test drive for two years with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your new HVAC system, we will make it right or give you your money back.

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