How to Camouflage Your AC Unit

Outdoor AC units are nice when you are inside your Omaha area home. But when you’re spending a lot of time outdoors, like in the summer, they can be an eyesore. Here are a few ways to camouflage your AC unit that might make you forget it’s even there! But after you beautify them, don’t forget to take care of your AC units with regular maintenance from Getzschman Heating & Cooling.

Use a Partial Fence to Hide Your AC Unit

Fences are made to keep unwanted attention out, which makes them perfect for concealing an eyesore. But this project requires much less material & time. Pick a type of fencing that harmonizes with your home, be it a picket fence or a lattice screen. You’ll need roughly two, 9-12 square feet slabs if you want to cover two sides of your unit.

Add Some Strategic Greenery to Your Yard As a Distraction

One issue with covering up AC units is that they require 2-3 feet of room around them, to allow air to circulate. They also push out a steady flow of hot air when they’re running, which can inhibit many types of plants from growing. Keeping this in mind, a good idea is to attract attention somewhere else with strategic landscaping. Group some of the fine textured plants around your air conditioning unit, and then create a focal point a few feet down from there, using bolder shaped and sized plants.  This strategy is simple and effective, because plants with bigger leaves and dramatic shapes draw more attention than plants with fine textures and leaves. For even more camouflage, combine strategically placed landscaping with a partial fence.

Want more ways to conceal eyesores around your home? Read our G-Force blog post on hiding ugly wall vents.

Use a Pallet to Add Character While You Disguise

Add character, and camouflage at the same time with this pallet idea from Pinterest. It’s a double whammy! It doesn’t even need to be a new pallet. Use an old pallet that’s lying around.  Paint it to complement your home’s exterior and your landscaping. To add even more character, add a flower box at the top. Then just place it strategically in front of your AC unit and watch it turn from eyesore to adorable nook.

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