Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips For Your Omaha Area Home

More than 50% of carbon monoxide poisonings happen in homes.The silent killer is hard to detect, but can be kept at bay if you take the right steps now. The G-Force team can install carbon monoxide detectors in your Omaha area home and make sure they are working properly. Once they are installed in your home, you should check them regularly to make sure your home and family don’t fall victim to the problems listed below.

Did You Know . . . .

  • Each year carbon monoxide accidentally kills more than 500 Americans, and more than 20,000 Americans visit the hospital for suspected poisoning.
  • Carbon monoxide is typically vented outside of your home, but ventilation problems with your furnace or other systems can cause it to build up in your home.
  • Carbon monoxide can be created by stoves, generators, fireplaces, water heaters, vehicles, and furnaces
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning is often confused for the flu or food poisoning due to similar symptoms; shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness, lightheadedness or headaches.

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Action Now Can Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Later

  • The most important thing you can do is to make sure you have working CO detectors installed in several areas of your home
  • Religiously test your CO alarms once a month
  • Don’t let your CO alarms run out of juice by replacing batteries at least twice a year
  • Know what your CO alarm sounds like when it’s set off
  • If you think someone in your home is experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning or your CO detector goes off , make sure everyone inside the home gets outside where they can get fresh air and then call the fire department quickly
  • Never let your car idle to warm up inside of a closed space like a garage. Always move your car outside first.
  • During and after a snowstorm, clear the exit vents to your dryer, furnace, and stove
  • Always open the damper in your fireplace for proper ventilation when in use
  • Only use gas and charcoal grills outside because they produce CO gas

If you don’t already have working carbon monoxide detectors, call Getzschman Heating & Cooling at (402) 235-6727 to install them in your home. We are are still in the midst of winter and will be spending adequate amounts of time inside for several more months. Be safe. Take the necessary precautions now.