5 Beautiful Ways to Camouflage Your Outdoor AC Unit

While outdoor air conditioning units (condensers) are absolutely necessary to keep your Omaha area home cool and comfortable, they aren’t necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing piece of equipment in your landscape. We trolled Pinterest to bring you the best ideas for camouflaging your AC unit. These solutions are so creative, they might make you forget it’s even there!

Pro Tip: In order for your AC unit to effectively transfer air, it needs a minimum of 12 inches of space around it. Bushes and plants all need to be trimmed back so your air conditioner will be able to run efficiently.

PVC Fence Pieces

White PVC fence pieces make a neat and clean facade for your outdoor unit. This is ideal for houses with white trim as it blends right in with the existing decor.

n Lattice Trellis

Affordable and easy to construct, lattice adds charm and a place for a climbing vine to call home. You can leave it its natural color, stain it dark or paint it any color you like. Simply buy two sections if your AC is in a corner, or connect three if it sits on the side of your home. It will be camouflaged from all viewing angles.

Old Shutters

Shutter that eyesore by connecting three shutter pieces (or more) into a folding screen. You can use new shutters, PVC shutters, or older, worn shutters for a farmhouse or shabby chic look.

Vertical Garden Walls

To take your AC from drab to fab, create a vertical garden that adds greenery and color from spring till fall.

Go Artsy Craftsy

If you’ve got a creative side, this combination of fence posts, wood panels and pieces ofbroken china and mirrors makes a beautiful piece of art while blending seamlessly with the natural green found outdoors.

Want more ways to conceal eyesores around your home? Read our G-Force blog post on hiding ugly wall vents.

After you beautify them, don’t forget to take care of your AC units with regular maintenance from Getzschman Heating & Cooling.

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