Omaha Area Dehumidifier Installation & Repair

dehumidifier install repair omaha prevent dampness sickness odorsGetzschman Heating and Air Conditioning can help make your home more comfortable with a whole house dehumidifier. Too much humidity in your home is just as bad as not enough. Excess humidity can cause dampness, stickiness, and odors. Unlike portable units, a whole house dehumidifier is installed in your home’s central heating and cooling system. It works to eliminate excess moisture in all rooms throughout your home.

Features of a Whole House Dehumidifier

  • Energy Efficiency – Less moisture reduces the strain on your air conditioner and also allows you to set your thermostat higher to run your air conditioner less.
  • Easy Maintenance – Our dehumidifiers automatically drain themselves and only require an air filter to be changed once per year.
  • Versatile – Can remove moisture evenly throughout the entire home or focus specifically on problem areas that can lead to costly renovations.
  • Unobtrusive – Unlike portable units, Honeywell whole-house dehumidifiers are out of sight and they provide quiet and efficient operation.

Benefits of Installing a Whole House Dehumidifier

The most obvious benefit you’ll notice is how much more comfortable you’ll feel. High humidity makes us feel hot and sticky and can even make it feel hard to breathe. Even our sweat doesn’t evaporate as quickly so it takes longer to cool down and we actually are hot and sticky. Lowering the humidity will get rid of this discomfort. Plus, when you feel cooler, you can set your thermostat up a couple of degrees and enjoy energy savings. Mold and dust mites like moist air, so lowering the moisture level will reduce these allergy causing problems as well.

Let Getzschman Install a Honeywell Whole House Dehumidifier in Your Omaha Home

Honeywell dehumidification systems are energy-efficient and very effective. They can be installed out of sight, and their low maintenance will also keep them out of mind. Enjoy moisture-free air and lower energy bills with a whole house dehumidifier integrated into your central heating and cooling system. Call Getzschman Heating and Air Conditioning today for a more comfortable tomorrow.

Why Choose Getzschman?

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