Omaha Area Ductless Mini Split System Installation

There’s something new in the heating and cooling world – ductless heating and cooling technology. This new technology, called ductless mini splits, is revolutionizing the way we heat and cool our homes.

How Does Ductless Heating and Cooling Work?

Mitsubishi Mini Split Outdoor CondensersInstead of one heating and cooling unit connected to every room in your home, ductless mini splits are smaller, individual units that don’t require ductwork. Consisting of an indoor air handling unit and a slim-line outdoor condenser unit, they can be installed in tight spaces or even recessed or suspended from the ceiling.
They work much like a window air conditioner in that they are responsible for the comfort of only a small room or area. But today’s mini splits are 40% more efficient than a window air conditioner for cooling, and their heating performance is also far superior to traditional heat pumps. They are available in compact outdoor units and also concealed indoor units so they are aesthetically pleasing.

Places Ductless Mini Split Systems Are Perfect

There are many situations that make duct free heating and cooling the ideal solution. Let’s say you are renovating your home and adding a room. Now, you can avoid the expense of adding ductwork and still have a comfortable room. The rooms you add it to don’t require ductwork or even a window. Ductless mini splits are great for supplemental heating or cooling as well. If you have a room that is always cold in the winter or too warm in the summer, a ductless split is an affordable solution. They are also great for small areas where a larger unit just doesn’t make sense. Ductless systems are great for heating and cooling add-on rooms, basements, garages and sun rooms.

Types of Ductless Mini Split Systems Available

As ductless mini split systems grow in popularity, they will be seen in more and more applications. There really is no place these new systems won’t work. And the beauty of them is that each room’s comfort can be controlled individually. Here are a few of the options available:

  • Single Zone – Ideal for heating and cooling small spaces like single rooms, or supplementing your current system.
  • Multi-Zone – Best suited for small- to mid-sized homes, with comfort needs for two to eight zones. Control the comfort level of each room independently.
  • Whole House – Maximum efficiency for your mid-sized to large house. You can also control the comfort level of up to 8 rooms independently.

Getzschman carries Daikan and Mitsubishi models and we can help you choose the unit that’s right for your home. If you are interested in a ductless mini split system, give us a call and one of our technicians can answer all of your questions.

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