Whole-House Humidifier Installation, Repair, & Replacement

Why do we need humidifiers installed in our Omaha area homes? When winter weather strikes, we retreat to our homes and turn up the furnace. Your furnace does a great job heating your home, but it also steals the moisture from the air. Because we never open our windows in the winter, the air inside our homes has no way to gain any moisture back. As we get further into the season, the air in our homes become drier and drier. The bad news is that the human body doesn’t like dry air. It causes a variety or problems. Here are just a few signs that the air in your home is too arid.

Top Signs of Dry Air in Your Home

  • Your skin gets itchy
  • Your lips feel chapped
  • Bloody noses become more common
  • Coughs & colds persist

Besides physical maladies, a lack of humidity can cause other problems. Wood in your home becomes dried out as well. The space between the slats in your wood floors becomes more prominent as the wood shrinks. Wood furniture can develop cracks and even wood molding can suffer. And one of the most obvious signs that your home needs more moisture is that annoying static shock. The ideal level of indoor humidity is between 30% and 50%. So how do you increase your humidity level?

Installing a Whole House Humidifier Will Add Moisture to Your Omaha Home

Trying to add moisture to your entire house with portable humidifiers just isn’t practical. Even if you move these units from room to room, it’s unlikely they will make a noticeable difference. Not to mention that they can become high-maintenance because you must remember to turn them on and off every day and add water so they don’t dry out. Plus, there are the energy costs of running 3-5 units every day all day.

A whole-house humidifier will do a much better job all season long and you won’t even have to think about it. A whole-house humidifier attaches directly to your furnace and a constant supply of water means you never have to worry about refilling it. When you invest in a whole house humidifier, it will constantly monitor the relative humidity of your home and deliver the perfect amount of moisture to every single room in your home that has air ducts.

Humidifiers Save You Money on Energy Bills

You may not realize it, but moist air feels warmer. That’s because when moisture on your skin evaporates, it makes you feel cold. Think how chilly you are stepping out of the shower before drying off. When the air in your home is full of moisture, it doesn’t evaporate off of your skin. This means that you can actually lower the temperature of your thermostat by a degree or two and not feel colder. And that will lead to energy savings and lower monthly heating bills.

Let the G-Force Team Install a Humidifier in Your Omaha Area Home

One of our expert technicians will help you choose the model that’s right for your home’s size. We can install a standard by-pass humidifier, which is one of the more common humidifiers installed in Omaha homes. The G-Force team can also talk to you about a whole house steam humidifier. This type of humidifier runs independently of your furnace, which means it comes on when your thermostat detects the humidity level dropping in your home. A Steam humidifier also uses 70% less water than a standard humidifier. Both types of humidifiers can be installed in just a short time and you and your family will be breathing easy again. Don’t suffer a minute longer from low humidity in your home. Improve your family’s health and save money every month. Call us today for whole-house humidifier installation.

Humidifier Installation in Omaha

A good humidifier in Omaha, NE is designed to keep your home at a comfortable humidity level between 30 and 50 percent. Anything below this level and your home becomes uncomfortably dry, to the point that it can cause damage to your skin, furniture, and nasal passages. Extremely low humidity dries out varnish, reducing your indoor air quality, and making it harder to recover from common colds and the flu. Not to mention, low humidity can be a source of great discomfort for your pets who are more than likely in your home for more time throughout the day than you.

If you are interested in humidifier installation in Omaha, NE area, now is the time to call one of our trained experts to take a closer look at your existing HVAC system and determine what the best solution will be.

Humidifiers in Omaha, NE are available as in–duct add–ons as well as upgrades to your existing air handler system. If you are interested in having your system upgraded with a new humidifier installation in Omaha, NE, now is the time to give one of our technicians a call.

Humidifier Repair

If humidity levels suddenly increase despite the fact that you have a humidifier installed, it may be a sign of a problem in your system. There are a number of reasons why this could happen. Your humidifier might be low on water or, if it is a warm–source humidifier, a heating element could be bad. Whatever the cause, you should call for Omaha, NE humidifier repair as soon as you realize there is a problem. This will allow us to fix the problem before heightened humidity levels can cause damage to any part of your home.

Humidifier Maintenance

Because a humidifier is a water–sourced appliance, it has filters and needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Without cleaning, filters can become clogged and mold can start to grow.

In addition to regular cleaning, humidifier maintenance in or another area near Omaha, NE involves checking the electrical and plumbing connections to ensure the system is working properly once each year when the rest of your HVAC system is inspected. We offer Omaha, NE humidifier maintenance services for all area homeowners so call us today if you need assistance.

If are interested in purchasing a new humidifier for your home or are concerned that your existing humidifier isn’t working properly, call Getzschman Heating today. Our trained technicians are on call to assist you with whatever humidity control needs you might have.

Call Us to Repair or Service Your Existing Humidifier

The certified technicians at Getzschman can also repair or service your existing humidifier. Most humidifiers need a new humidifier pad installed every year, so we can maintain your humidifier to extend its life. We can also repair your humidifier if something goes wrong, so call us the next time your humidifier acts up. In most cases, a humidifier repair can be done quickly and inexpensively.

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